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Practical CPP Study Tools

Online study tools overview.

The perfect companion to my certified payroll professional study guide.

Your purchase entitles you to 1 year access to the online Practical CPP flashcards and quizzes of the edition you purchase.

Electronic flashcards.

Test your retention of the material presented in the Practical CPP Study Guide with over 760 electronic flashcards.The flash cards are designed to be used on your computer or mobile device and cannot be printed.

CPP Flashcard Question1Certified Payroll Professional Flashcard Answer

CPP Flashcard Question2Certified Payroll Professional Flashcard Answer2

Comprehensive CPP practice test.

Once you’ve read the ebook (sold separately) and worked with the flashcards, test your knowledge against the 312 questions in the online certified payroll professional practice test.

This comprehensive CPP practice test includes questions from each of the areas in the PayrollOrg’s exam content outline. Questions are either multiple choice, true/false or performing calculations.

You may take the CPP practice test as many times as you like. All the questions, as well as the answer choices for multiple choice questions, are randomly sorted for each attempt so that you can ensure you’ve learned the material and not just memorized the test.

The PayrollOrg charges $30 for each 50 question practice quiz. I give you more for your money with 312 questions plus 760+ electronic flashcards. Go to my Shop page for pricing.


After your purchase is complete you will be directed to a webpage with instructions on how to access the CPP study tools website.

You are entitled to access the study tools as often as you like through the earlier of your one-year purchase anniversary or the retirement of the study tools edition. Each edition of study tools is retired on Sept 30th following the end of the target exam window. The Fall 2023/Spring 2024 study tools will be retired on 9/30/24. I release a new edition annually to coincide with the PayrollOrg exam period. Each edition is sold separately.


For studying on the go, download the free mobile app on your Apple or Android device from the App Store or Google Play. Using the mobile app you have the option to study online or offline.

As a special offer, add The Practical CPP Bundle (includes both the Study Guide and the Online Study Tools) to your shopping cart and save $30 off your total order.*
*Items must be purchased in a single transaction to receive the discount.