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Study tools URL.

Practical CPP Study Tools

Forgotten username or password.

On the login screen click on the link for “Lost password?”

Enrollment key.

Your enrollment key is included in the instructions you received for setting up your account. The enrollment key is case sensitive. If you’ve copied and pasted it, make sure you haven’t picked up an extra space at the end.

Mobile access.

Download the free Moodle app from the App Store or Google Play. With the app you can access the flashcard/quizzes online or offline using the same URL ( and login credentials you use for the study tools website.

I can’t figure out the answer to a quiz question. Why don’t you provide the calculations? If I contact you will you explain it to me?

It’s important to remember these products are for self-study. The quizzes are meant to test your readiness for the certified payroll professional exam. If you get a question wrong review the pertinent sections in the CPP study guide until you can answer the question correctly on your own. To pass the exam you need to be able to recognize and apply multiple concepts to perform the calculation for a question.

If you’re convinced that the correct answer in the quiz is actually wrong, please contact me and I’ll look into it. We are all human after all.

I wasn’t able to take my exam during the testing period as I originally planned or I didn’t use the products I purchased. Will you send me your new edition for free or at a discounted price?

Each edition of my products is sold separately. The only discount I offer is the bundle discount for buying the ebook and online study tools together. Some customers buy the new edition every year to use as a reference.

My CPP study system is the most affordable quality product on the market. PAYO (formerly APA) charges $399 to members for their online book. Non-PAYO members pay hundreds more. PayrollOrg’s practice quizzes are $30 for just 50 questions.

I previously bought just the Practical CPP Study Guide or just the Practical CPP Online Study Tools. Can I purchase your other product now and take advantage of the bundle discount?

The bundle discount is only available when you purchase the ebook and flashcard/quizzes in the same transaction.

Transferring the eBook to another device.

You can keep a copy of the ebook for your own personal use on your computer and on a tablet. If the file size exceeds your mail server’s limits, transfer the eBook using Dropbox. A dropbox account and the dropbox app are both free. For more information on Dropbox please visit their website.