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23 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. I used the guide along with APA Payroll Source to study for fall 2022 exam. I passed the CPP exam! The guide helped breakdown the material in terms that I understood. Every morning for 4 months I studied for an hour; utilizing flashcards, taking exams and reading. I highly recommend this guide to anyone taking the exam.

  2. I used this guide along with the APA’s course and I know it made the difference. I have passed the CPP before, but had to renew and this guide added to what I was learning in a practical way. I highly recommend this product.

  3. It works!

    This guide and tools is what you need to pass. I used Paytrain, too, however, if you memorize the flashcards, go over quiz 1 and 4 to learn calcs, you will pass even without Paytrain. Now that I have passed my CPP exam, I plan on having this guide on hand every year.

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