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23 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. I passed the CPP two weeks ago. This was my second attempt. I had used the Payroll Source before and have to admit it was too much for me. This study guide was simplified and helped me retain information much better. I definitely recommend it.

  2. I passed the CPP on my first attempt last week. The Practical CPP Bundle (study guide, flashcards, quizzes) was essential and was my primary study source. It was also the best value for the money. Budget was a factor for me, and Pay Train was too expensive (I didn’t try it). I studied over 6 weeks, lightly for the first 4 weeks from the Practical CPP only, and intensively over the last 2 weeks bouncing back and forth between the Practical CPP and The Payroll Source (which is significantly more expensive, but has a short ‘free trial’ period). I didn’t use any other prep materials. The Practical CPP is definitely worth its price tag and then some, and its content is accurate and comprehensive.

  3. I used the study guide and tools to prepare for my FPC exam. Those, along with the practice questions from the free trial of the Payroll Source were more than sufficient. When I take my CPP in a few years, I will be purchasing again.

  4. My work offered to pay for Payroll Org membership as well as for my exam but not for any study guides. I had less than 2 months of study time so I had to find a guide to help me study. I found Laurie’s guide from reddit recommendation and it was my main guide along with a 30 day free trial access of Payroll Source that helped me pass the test. I completed the test quizzes 1-6 at least 3 times and it help me lot through the exam.

  5. I used the guide along with APA Payroll Source to study for fall 2022 exam. I passed the CPP exam! The guide helped breakdown the material in terms that I understood. Every morning for 4 months I studied for an hour; utilizing flashcards, taking exams and reading. I highly recommend this guide to anyone taking the exam.

  6. I used this guide along with the APA’s course and I know it made the difference. I have passed the CPP before, but had to renew and this guide added to what I was learning in a practical way. I highly recommend this product.

  7. It works!

    This guide and tools is what you need to pass. I used Paytrain, too, however, if you memorize the flashcards, go over quiz 1 and 4 to learn calcs, you will pass even without Paytrain. Now that I have passed my CPP exam, I plan on having this guide on hand every year.

  8. The study guide was a great tool. It was easy to read and covered all the material needed to pass the test. I used the study guide along with some cpp practice test and passed the first time.

  9. I passed my CPP Exam and this study guide is amazing! This product was recommended to me by my manager, and I have to stay without it I don’t think I would have passed the CPP Exam. The flashcards are great and having them online allowed me to study anytime, anywhere. I highly recommend the Practice Exams as well. They are a great way to measure yourself as you progress in your studying. I will recommend this product to anyone who is planning to take the CPP exam.

  10. I was able to pass the CPP exam on my first try thanks to The Practical CPP Study Guide and the CPP Study Tools (flashcards). I also used the Payroll Source Book for studying, but the study guide was my guideline to follow. I highly recommend these products.

  11. Cristina Holtzinger

    I passed my CPP exam!!! If it wasn’t for these study guides I would not have passed. The other tools I was using just didn’t break it down like Laurie’s CPP study guide does. It is simply put and straight to the point. Well worth the money to purchase the guide and online study materials. The flash cards were great as well as the quizzes. If you are reading this review, you need to make this purchase! You won’t regret it. And thank you SO much Laurie for creating these materials!!

  12. I failed the exam the first 2 times I took it because I wasn’t able to condense the tons and tons of information from the IRS into something I could study. I wanted to purchase materials directly from the American Payroll Association but their prices were crazy expensive. I did some research and found this guide, I figured for the cheap price I would at least give it a try. The guide was absolutely perfect, it contains all the needed material, quizzes and flash cards. It has something for everyone and for a really low price. I am proud to say the 3rd time was the charm for me and with the help of this amazing guide I was able to pass. It’s ok to feel skeptical at first but I promise you this has everything you need and is updated with the most current information. Best of luck to all and congrats to those who have passed.

  13. Crystal Humphries, CPP

    Worth every penny. I bought the book and the flashcards and I feel they were both beneficial to my passing of the exam. Thank you so much for these tools!

  14. Carlyn Davis, CPP

    I came across this study guide and used it as my #1 resource for my October CPP exam. I heard others talking about some of the other resources that were available and I purchased a few of them that were affordable. There were others that were VERY expensive that some of the message boards recommended. Seriously, this guide was exactly what I needed!! I purchased the guide and the study tools and used them every day. I had the flash cards on my cell phone and instead of surfing the web, I was reading flash cards. 🙂 I made sure that I knew the study guide backwards and forwards and knew where to find every single answer. When I sat down for the test, I found that I was more prepared than I thought. Laurie, thank you so much for such a valuable resource. Please let me know when the next book will be ready. I plan to use it as my desk reference. Thank you again!!!

  15. I purchased the study guide and flashcards and passed the CPP test on the first time. I really liked being able to take the quizzes to reinforce information in the guide. Thank you for being so affordable.

  16. Denitza Rebreeva

    I passed the CPP exam. I am so happy to have found such a powerful learning source which provides everything a person need to prepare for the exam. People told me the exam was very hard to pass, but actually it was super easy for me after preparing with this study resource and the on-line tool with flashcards and quizzes. I will definitely use it in 5 years when I need to recertify. Keeping up with RCH’s might be more pain than just go to the exam again. Thank you to the Author for putting together a quality product and caring for all of us in need to study the right things.

  17. Of all the study tools I used – this guide was (by far) the most helpful. It provides the information you need to pass – without a lot of extra information that tends to just be overwhelming. I passed the first time! Having said that – I would recommend allowing enough time to go through the guide more than once.

  18. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to pass the CPP the first time. It has only the relevant information that you need to focus on. The flash cards and practice exams were great too!

  19. Felt like saving $1,000 from not purchasing some of the other study guides that are out there. I studied for about 3-4 weeks, 2-7 hours a day (the hours greatly varied due to work or lifestyle) and passed on my first attempt. I ONLY used this material. I suggest becoming familiar with EVERY question within all of the quizzes, along with ALL of the flashcards. Read the book entirely at least once, understand garnishments, how to calculate a paycheck, pre-tax deductions and W2 boxes (among many other topics).

    Best of luck!

  20. I purchased this study guide to help me with the exam since there is not much study material out there besides what’s on the APA website. I took the FPC exam and PASSED!!! I can honestly say that out of all the materials I was using this was the best by far. I was really slacking and then I really buckled down for about 3 weeks and study this material. The only thing I would have liked was for the quizzes to have explanations on why certain answers were wrong when I followed the steps. But I guess that also helped because I had to figure out on my own how to get to the correct answer.

    All in all I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND buying this study guide and book

  21. I’m planning to purchase the Practical CPP Study Guide every year to use as a desk reference going forward and to stay up to date on the new rules and regulations that occur every year in the payroll profession. The Guide was one of the tools I used to pass the CPP test on my first try along with a great study group, the tests from The Payroll Source, and printouts of the IRS publications.

    I found Laurie’s guide to be concise and easier to understand than The Payroll Source but the tests she gives are much harder than the one’s found in the Source. And, that was a great help because the CPP test will pull questions from the most obscure area’s of the Source. The Flash Cards were a big help in this regard as well. They touch on subjects that you might not focus on and challenges you to research and learn things that you might overlook in the Source. I had the Flash Cards on my cell phone and I sent the pdf of Laurie’s guide to my Kindle Fire so I could study anywhere / anytime. I also took every one of Laurie’s tests, multiple times, during the final week before I took the CPP test.

    Thanks Laurie for all you do and Good Luck to everyone taking the test! It’s not easy but you can do it!!

  22. With this study guide and flash cards I was able to pass the FPC and the CPP exams. I studied for 2 months on both occasions as there is so much information. There were still things on the test I had never even seen but this guide helps with the more important aspects and gives a good base on the majority of content. Learn the calculations, I cannot stress that enough. I did not purchase any APA products or take any APA classes as I could not afford them.

  23. I am thankful that I purchased the Practical CPP Study Guide. This was what I needed to help me understand many of the concepts in the Payroll Source. Also figuring out problems. I passed the CPP exam. Without this study guide I don’t think I would’ve been able to pass the exam.

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