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111 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to pass the CPP the first time. It has only the relevant information that you need to focus on. The flash cards and practice exams were great too!

  2. Felt like saving $1,000 from not purchasing some of the other study guides that are out there. I studied for about 3-4 weeks, 2-7 hours a day (the hours greatly varied due to work or lifestyle) and passed on my first attempt. I ONLY used this material. I suggest becoming familiar with EVERY question within all of the quizzes, along with ALL of the flashcards. Read the book entirely at least once, understand garnishments, how to calculate a paycheck, pre-tax deductions and W2 boxes (among many other topics).

    Best of luck!

  3. I purchased this study guide to help me with the fall/spring 2020 FPC exam since there is not much study material out there besides what’s on the APA website. I took the FPC exam on April 16, 2021 and PASSED!!! I can honestly say that out of all the materials I was using this was the best by far. I was really slacking and then I really buckled down for about 3 weeks and study this material. The only thing I would have liked was for the quizzes to have explanations on why certain answers were wrong when I followed the steps. But I guess that also helped because I had to figure out on my own how to get to the correct answer.

    All in all I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND buying this study guide and book

  4. I purchased the Practical CPP Study Guide in 2019 & 2020, and I’m planning to purchase it every year to use as a desk reference going forward and to stay up to date on the new rules and regulations that occur every year in the payroll profession. The Guide was one of the tools I used to pass the CPP test on my first try on April 16th along with a great study group, the tests from The Payroll Source, and printouts of the IRS publications.

    I found Laurie’s guide to be concise and easier to understand than The Payroll Source but the tests she gives are much harder than the one’s found in the Source. And, that was a great help because the CPP test will pull questions from the most obscure area’s of the Source. The Flash Cards were a big help in this regard as well. They touch on subjects that you might not focus on and challenges you to research and learn things that you might overlook in the Source. I had the Flash Cards on my cell phone and I sent the pdf of Laurie’s guide to my Kindle Fire so I could study anywhere / anytime. I also took every one of Laurie’s tests, multiple times, during the final week before I took the CPP test.

    Thanks Laurie for all you do and Good Luck to everyone taking the test! It’s not easy but you can do it!!

  5. With this study guide and flash cards I was able to pass the FPC 2019 and the CPP 2021 exams. I studied for 2 months on both occasions as there is so much information. There were still things on the test I had never even seen but this guide helps with the more important aspects and gives a good base on the majority of content. Learn the calculations, I cannot stress that enough. I did not purchase any APA products or take any APA classes as I could not afford them.

  6. I am thankful that I purchased the Practical CPP Study Guide. This was what I needed to help me understand many of the concepts in the Payroll Source. Also figuring out problems. I passed the CPP exam on 4/6/2021. Without this study guide I don’t think I would’ve been able to pass the exam.

  7. The Practical CPP Study Guide by Laurie was an essential part of my preparation for the exam. Last week I took and passed the CPP exam. This exam covers every aspect of payroll and is based on the Payroll Source, which is a 2.5-inch desktop reference issued by the APA, and it seems to be getting bigger every year. What makes this exam so difficult is you don’t know what questions they would ask or how they would ask it. Laurie’s study guide measured less than 1 inch but manages to cover all the essential areas of the desktop reference in an easy to read format. Plus, the over 700 flash cards and over 300 questions, in my opinion, simulates the randomness that you might encounter on the exam. All of these materials at an affordable price is hard to find. I would highly recommend this study guide to anyone taking the CPP exam.

  8. Cristina Holtzinger

    I just passed my CPP exam today!!! If it wasn’t for these study guides I would not have passed. The other tools I was using just didn’t break it down like Laurie’s CPP study guide does. It is simply put and straight to the point. Well worth the money to purchase the guide and online study materials. The flash cards were great as well as the quizzes. If you are reading this review, you need to make this purchase! You won’t regret it. And thank you SO much Laurie for creating these materials!!

  9. I failed the exam the first 2 times I took it because I wasn’t able to condense the tons and tons of information from the IRS into something I could study. I wanted to purchase materials directly from the American Payroll Association but their prices were crazy expensive. I did some research and found this guide, I figured for the cheap price I would at least give it a try. The guide was absolutely perfect, it contains all the needed material, quizzes and flash cards. It has something for everyone and for a really low price. I am proud to say the 3rd time was the charm for me and with the help of this amazing guide I was able to pass. It’s ok to feel skeptical at first but I promise you this has everything you need and is updated with the most current information. Best of luck to all and congrats to those who have passed.

  10. I worked in non-profit and profit settings, and this guide was just enough for me to organize my previous knowledge and focus on things I was less familiar with. I only studied a week or two, and passed in October. I didn’t use anything from APA (so expensive!) and was thrilled to find such an affordable option. Thank you Laurie!

  11. I purchased the guide and used it to study along with an APA study program. The guide was an EXCELLENT compliment to the APA program and I am thrilled to report that I passed the exam in September 2019. I used both programs because I was paranoid about being prepared enough, but the guide and its resources definitely would stand alone quite well.

  12. I came across this study guide and used it as my #1 resource for my October CPP exam. I heard others talking about some of the other resources that were available and I purchased a few of them that were affordable. There were others that were VERY expensive that some of the message boards recommended. Seriously, this guide was exactly what I needed!! I purchased the guide and the study tools and used them every day. I had the flash cards on my cell phone and instead of surfing the web, I was reading flash cards. 🙂 I made sure that I knew the study guide backwards and forwards and knew where to find every single answer. When I sat down for the test, I found that I was more prepared than I thought. Laurie, thank you so much for such a valuable resource. I know that there are several changes in store for 2020, so please let me know when the next book will be ready. I plan to use it as my desk reference. Thank you again!!!

  13. I passed the CPP exam last week. I am so happy to have found such a powerful learning source which provides everything a person need to prepare for the exam. People told me the exam was very hard to pass, but actually it was super easy for me after preparing with this study resource and the on-line tool with flashcards and quizzes. I will definitely use it in 5 years when I need to recertify. Keeping up with RCH’s might be more pain than just go to the exam again. Thank you to the Author for putting together a quality product and caring for all of us in need to study the right things.

  14. This is the guide you need! I studied for only 3 WEEKS and passed the CPP exam on April 18 2019! I primarily used the practice quizzes and flash cards, but referred to the study guide for help with calculations and more in depth reading. If I had more time, I would have read the entire study guide. Memorize the flash cards! This helped tremendously! I would look at them on my phone when watching tv, smoking a joint, drinking bourbon, laying in bed, I had to maximize the 3 weeks I had. The practice quizzes and flash cards are harder than the actual test. Learn the calculations, how to calculate tax withholding, what’s pre-tax/post-tax, and what’s subject to FIT vs. FICA.

  15. Initially I went through my APA Local Chapter weekly study sessions. I didn’t study on my own, missed several classes and didn’t attend their Boot Camp. Obviously I was not ready to sit for the exam. Years later I dusted off the Payroll Source, determined to get certified. Unfortunately that book was a little overwhelming and I had difficulties getting through some of the Chapters (like the Benefits section – Total snooze-fest!). So I researched and found Laurie’s guide. Studied it like crazy and passed the FPC last fall, by only focusing on items marked “FPC.” Then I kept on studying and passed the CPP this spring. I made my own flash cards to memorize the codes, terms and Forms. I used the Payroll Source to take a deeper dive, and to do practice questions. The Practical CPP Study Guide was my primary resource. I highly recommend it for the exam, and will even keep it at my desk for quick review, as daily items surface that need a quick primer.

  16. I originally got the Payroll Source book in June 2018 and intended to take the exam in October 2018, but that book is so huge and overwhelming I had no idea what information was relevant for the exam and what was just filler. I ended up pushing back my test to April 2019 and sought out other resources, this study guide and the flashcards and quizzes were a lifesaver! The guide is straight to the point and easy to read and the flashcards and quizzes will help get all that information to sink in. I recommend reading through the entire guide at least twice and repeat the quizzes until you can get 100% every time and look at those flashcards until you can quote them in your sleep. Do not skip over anything. If you have the Payroll Source book you’ll be able to answer all the quiz questions in there from reading this much shorter study guide as well. The more questions you expose yourself to the better. I studied for about an hour or two every day for 3 months and passed the CPP last week. Thank you so much for this fantastic resource!

  17. I just passed my CPP today with help from Laurie’s CPP Study Guide! I found the online flashcards and tests invaluable. I accessed the flashcards from my cell phone in all my spare time, watching my kids’ sports, doing laundry, just any chance I could get. I am a busy mom but decided to let my FPC expire and take the CPP. For me, repetition is how I learn and remember. Laurie’s guide, flashcards and tests along with the tests included in the Payroll Source, was what allowed me to pass. This condensed guide saved me so much time, as the Payroll Source is massive. My advice: take Laurie’s tests over and over until the calculations are second nature. Know all the flashcards by heart – know what is taxable, know the forms, know box 12(!), know how to calculate paychecks! Let the study guide show you what is most pertinent! Study hard! I studied for 2 and a half months and was a nervous wreck, but passed thanks to these resources. Thank you for the great, affordable resource, Laurie!

  18. The first time I took the CPP in 2016 I did not pass. I was devistated because I had taken a Saturday class for 8 weeks which did not prove to help. This was my second attempt at the CPP and I needed to brush up on the content so I purchased the bundle with flashcards, quizzes, and the study guide. The bundle is just what I needed to pass the exam! I am so happy to say I am now officially a CPP!

  19. I would highly recommend this study guide who is in the process of preparing for the payroll exams. The study guide along with the flashcards and practice tests were very helpful.

    Thank You Laurie.

  20. This study guide helped me pass by exam. I used this as my primary source to study. I purchased a new study guide each year because I just like having this resource at my desk.

  21. I purchased the Study Guide for the Fall 2018 exam along with the practice questions. All praises to God I PASSED on the first time as of October 7, 2017. The payroll source books makes you feel defeated so I recommend the study guide to get straight to the point.

    I also recommend buying the online practice test–those question are much harder than the exam questions so if you can pass those practice test you will breeze through the exam. My advise would be to study study study and know you calculations like the back of your hand along with the abbreviations. Don’t pass any part of the book up you will need to know if all.

  22. I purchased this study guide and the online flash cards/practice exams, studied for about 5 months, and passed the CPP exam on my first try in October 2017. I also used it in preparing for the FPC exam a few years ago. It really breaks down complex topics so you can understand and remember them. The calculation examples were especially helpful for me. I would recommend this study guide to anyone taking the CPP or FPC exam.

  23. The study guide was a great tool. It was easy to read and covered all the material needed to pass the test. I used the study guide along with some cpp practice test and passed the first time.

  24. The study guide has everything outlined perfectly and is a great value! Passed the CPP in October 2017, thank you Laurie!

  25. I purchased this study guide last year and read about 15% of the book, I used a few other tools but didn’t really apply myself. I failed. This year I purchased the product again and I read the whole book. I also focused and really tried. On Oct. 6th 2017 I took and past the exam. The material is great but the person is what it will make or break the exam.
    Try hard, read the material and trust the process.

  26. I was able to pass the CPP exam on my first try thanks to The Practical CPP Study Guide and the CPP Study Tools (flashcards). I also used the Payroll Source Book for studying, but the study guide was my guideline to follow. I highly recommend these products.

  27. Kris Armstrong, CPP

    Get this guide! Seriously, when the payroll source has completely overwhelmed you – this succinct guide will help narrow down what to study. I am the current Director of Education for the Orange County Chapter of the APA and teach our 18 week study group as well as 2 boot camps each year and I tell ALL my students to get this. It is money well spent! I found it to be invaluable when I passed my 1st time back in 2013. I purchase it every year to help me help the students concentrate their efforts as to what to study. I love it!

  28. This study guide was recommended to me by a co-worker that passed the CPP on her first try. I must say that it is worth every penny because I passed the CPP on my first try as well in October 2017! I am super thrilled about my accomplishment and glad that someone told me about this guide. I purchased the flash cards and studied them and the practice quizzes for about six weeks. This was my only resource for studying so this product comes highly recommended!

  29. I haven’t tested as planned but I do keep the guide on my desktop for quick reference. I peek into it often!! I love that I can search for key words without pulling out my huge book that is now collecting dust in a drawer. I plan on buying the updated guide and testing in the fall. Thanks, Laurie

  30. I passed the CPP exam on the first try in April of 2017 after purchasing the study guide and flash cards. I gave myself about 2 months to study and kept to my plan reading through the guide multiple times, practicing the calculations, and reviewing flash cards regularly. Although I admit I was nervous, I found myself more than prepared for the exam when the day came. If you are anxious about taking the exam and/or what study materials would be best to help you pass, look no further. Follow the Practical CPP Study guide and you will be ready to pass. Highly recommended.

  31. Crystal Humphries, CPP

    Worth every penny. I bought the book and the flashcards and I feel they were both beneficial to my passing of the exam. Thank you so much for these tools!

  32. This review…is AMAZING.. simply put. This is my first time taking the CPP and PASSED!!

    Prior to studying for the CPP, I was also taking the CPA and similar to the PayTrain provided by the APA, those study materials just give you everything under the sun for you to study so then when you go in for test day, you shoot an arrow in the dark and hope for the best. Not this review…this review hit the NAIL ON THE HEAD.. I literally felt like I was taking another practice test.

    THANK YOU AGAIN! I’m telling everyone about this 🙂

  33. I passed the FPC and now gearing up for the CPP. The Study Guide on here cuts out all the fluff and gets right to the point.It also helps with identifying when to include FIT,SS, Medicare for any calculations. The Payroll Source guide is huge and this study guide cuts it down tremendously. I would only use the Payroll Source Guide if I wanted a deeper understanding of the topic but this study guide is all you really need. The questions are helpful too.

  34. This study guide was very helpful. I use only this guide and one i got from adp to study. And i passed. I would definitely recommend purchasing this guide to anyone who needs to study for the CPP.

  35. I just passed my CPP Exam and this study guide is amazing! This product was recommended to me by my manager, and I have to stay without it I don’t think I would have passed the CPP Exam. The flashcards are great and having them online allowed me to study anytime, anywhere. I highly recommend the Practice Exams as well. They are a great way to measure yourself as you progress in your studying. I will recommend this product to anyone who is planning to take the CPP exam.

  36. This was a great study tool. The practice exams were really helpful in preparing for the exam. I just took the CPP exam and passed and was fortunate to have had someone suggest this website, I used it as my main study guide.

  37. I purchased the study guide and extra tests and used this as my primary resource for studying for the CPP test. This Study Guide is the BEST THING that’s out there. Reading this guide makes studying for the CPP exam so much easier. I would definitely recommend using this study guide for anyone preparing for the CPP in the future. Thank you!!

  38. I purchased the study guide and flashcards and passed the CPP test on the first time. I really liked being able to take the quizzes to reinforce information in the guide. Thank you for being so affordable.

  39. Thanks to The Practical CPP Study Guide, I was able to pass the CPP Exam on my first attempt. It was very helpful to take the practice exams multiple times to test my memory of what I learned in the book and flashcards. Thank you, Laurie!!

  40. Of all the study tools I used – this guide was (by far) the most helpful. It provides the information you need to pass – without a lot of extra information that tends to just be overwhelming. I passed the first time! Having said that – I would recommend allowing enough time to go through the guide more than once.

  41. I bought the CPP study guide Fall 2015/Spring 2016 and the practice calculations and flash cards about 2 weeks before I took the CPP. I was so nervous about taking the test. I’ve been studying since December 2015, with the APA payroll train program and Memotrix study guides, but I have to say if I had the CPP study guide first I would’ve saved myself alot of money and time. Her program was so simple and straight forward. I passed the test on my first try and I can’t say thank you enough. It really simplified the exam.

  42. I purchased the study guide and flash cards and was able to download them to my kindle. It was nice to be able to take advantage of unplanned downtime, enabling me to study whenever and wherever (needed wifi for the flashcards). I passed the (CPP) exam! Thank you for providing these tools.

  43. I bought both Study Guide and Flashcards a month before my exam, I love how the topics are arranged based on the CPP exam content outline. I passed the CPP on my 1st try.

  44. Teesha Washington

    This is the best investment in assuring you will pass the CPP the first time. The flash cards, practice tests and study guide are all awesome! Thank you Laurie for helping me accomplish my goal of passing the CPP the first time today (4/23/2016).

  45. I would recommend to anyone preparing for the CPP exam.. I purchased Flashcard Month before my test.. it helped me focus to memorize and practice questions help me a lot.. Thank you Again!

  46. I took the CPP exam last week for the first time and passed! I can honestly say that I could not have done it without the CPP Study Guide. I have worked in Payroll for almost 15 years but there were so many things I’ve never been exposed to in my work and would have never thought to have studied on my own. And it wasn’t in the budget to spend the major money on the bigger study guides – and I now think those aren’t necessary. The CPP Study Guide was beyond easy to understand and very comprehensive. And the Study Tools – especially the practice calculations and quizzes – were priceless. Thank you for developing such an affordable study solution and for helping me to pass the CPP on the first try! I will recommend your products to everyone I know.

  47. I really recommend purchasing the flashcards if you plan on taking the CPP, they helped me immensely and I passed on my first try. Some of the questions on the exam were almost verbatim. The format is definitely very similar. If I had known about the study guide in advance I probably would not have purchased the Payroll Source.

  48. I purchased the study guide and the online flash cards/practice exams to prep for the FPC exam. The study guide was extremely helpful in breaking down complex topics and it had lots of examples covering many different scenarios. I plan on using this study guide again when I take the CPP exam in a year and a half. Highly recommend it!

  49. For the first time since becoming certified in 1999, I needed to sit for the exam again in order to recertify this year. I wanted something other than the Payroll Source (which I have) and spending time in chapter study group to prepare….I found what I needed with the Study Guide. I purchased it in August to prepare for the exam in October and found it to be very helpful in focusing on what I needed to know versus what is nice to know. I read it twice and have no doubt it helped me pass the exam. Thank you Laurie for providing an affordable alternative to use for exam preparation!

  50. I took the PayTrain Mastery course, which was very good. However, I still felt I needed supplemental material before I took the CPP exam. I came across this site with only 3-4 days to spare before my exam. I purchased this study guide, because I wanted to cover all my bases. And I am glad I did. The Study Guide takes all the most pertinent information from The Payroll Source to prepare you for the exam. It delivered all the information I learned in PayTrain in a way that was much closer to what you see on the CPP exam. It also explained concepts in a better manner overall. I passed the exam with ease.

  51. I feel that the Cpp Study Guide was a great tool to study for the exam. I did pass it in September 2015. I liked the sample questions.

    Good luck everyone!

  52. Excellent product. If you put in the time and go through the study guide, you will pass the test. I would recommend this to anyone taking the test.

  53. Well worth the investment. Great materials! The study guide, flashcard exercise and practice questions helped me pass the CPP first time! The CPP study guide was perfect for studying the items you need to know. Lots of examples to work the complex net pay questions. (lots of these on exam) Highly recommended as that study aids to pass the CPP exam the first time!

  54. I used the CPP Study Guide and IRS publications and passed the first time!
    I would recommend the study guide to anybody taking the CPP. Be sure to use the latest version as the limits change and it is difficult to think about what the actual limits are while studying. Also research other materials when you have questions. This guide was my primary studying tool. Thanks Laurie!

  55. I would recommend the study guide to anyone. I took the FPC and passed the exam. My study group informed me about the book and I purchased it right away.

  56. With 2 weeks remaining before my test and unsatisfactory KAC results, I purchased both the study guide and flash cards in preparation for CPP testing in Spring 2015 (2014 season). The investment was well worth it and resulted in a passing exam. The guide is helpful and informative will continue to be used as a reference. I would definitely recommend for anyone preparing for the FCP or CPP.

  57. Adrianne Williams

    I believe that the Study Guide was the key essential to my passing the test on first try, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!! I would recommend it to everyone.

  58. I purchased the study guide four days before my exam and completed. I also had previously studied the Pay Train. I passed the CPP on the first try. I think this study guide is definitely a great tool to have!

  59. Very helpful study guide. Without it you are left scrambling through IRS documents with no direction to what areas will be covered on the exam. I passed the first time and the guide helped a great deal

  60. The study guide and flash cards were a wonderful way for me to study for the CPP! I passed the exam on the first attempt! I have recommended this to my coworkers who are also going for their CPP certification. Thank you!

  61. I purchased the Study Guide in January of 2015 to study and take the CPP exam in February.

    My plan was to study for at least 6 weeks before the exam, but work and life started to get in the way. Before I knew it I was 2 weeks out from the test. I started to read through the study guide everyday, as well as utilize the flash cards, highlighting things in the study guide that I felt uncomfortable with still.

    Long story short, I passed the CPP exam on the first try this past February. This study guide played a huge role in the success of my passing that. Without it, I would have been stuck with trying to read the Source and guess what I thought may show up on the test. The study guide does a good job of focusing only on what is on the test.

    Thank you for the study guide!

  62. I recommend this book. It was my primary study tool and I passed the CPP without issue. Laurie has put together a clear and easy to read guide. Information is concise and focused vs the Payroll Source.

  63. I passed the CPP exam with a score of 400. Your flash cards and guide played a big part of it!
    Thank you for putting this together and for all of your help along the way.

  64. This was by far the most organized study guide available. I took the Fall 2014 CPP exam and passed it with the help of both this study guide and attending the local payroll chapter study group. I felt that the study guide and the study group complimented each other very well and helped me get a deep understanding of all of the CPP topics that were in the exam. I was on the fence about the study guide as I have the Payroll Source book and a quick google search offered numerous free “flashcard” questions for you to use…I am 1000% thankful that I purchased this study guide. The online free flashcards are (IMO) unorganized and rarely updated. I would suggest this to everyone who is planning on taking the exam!!

  65. By far the best guide out there!

    I passed on my first try.

    Don’t bother with any other guides. This one covers everything you need to know to ace the exam.

  66. I would recommend this study guide as an excellent option for those on a budget. I would never have passed without having this!

  67. I took the CPP exam on April 18, 2014 and passed the first time! What a relief. I read the APA payroll source book. Laurie’s flashcards helped me concentrate on specific topics such as compliance,etc. The practice questions and calculations helped me prepare for the exam. Very helpful and would recommend. Glad I found the website before taking the test.

    Thanks Laurie.

  68. I bought the study guide and online flash cards and tests. I appreciated the concise format of the study guide, and the reasonable price! Taking the tests provided excellent preparation for the CPP exam. I passed! Thanks Laurie!

  69. Got both the studybguide and flash cards awesome value for what you get I swear the practice tests help me pass my cpp test April 26,2014. Highly recommend both the guide & flash cards

  70. I have been in Payroll Management for over 25 years. I passed the CPP exam originally back in 1994 and had to sit for the exam to re-certify and passed 2014 Spring exam today. I used Laurie’s Study Guide in concert with the APA Payroll Source for the last few weeks to prepare for the exam. I found the Flashcards and Practice tests to be wonderful tools in helping me prepare for the exam. I highly recommend that all CPP candidates use these tools in their exam preparation.

  71. Dana Vault-McPherson

    I purchased the Study Guide for the Spring 2013 exam, and it was a great tool for studying along with the Payroll Source Book. I would recommend that you use the guide as it will help you prepare yourself with the test. I purchased it about a three weeks before I took the test, and I passed the first time I took it!!

    Good Luck to all that will be taking the test!

  72. I purchased The Practical CPP Study Guide and the recommendation of someone who was leading an online study group since I could not afford to purchase The Payroll Source. Laurie’s CPP study guide cut right to the chase and was a great resource to study with for the CPP exam. I was able to take and pass the exam on the first try! I recommend the CPP study guide to anyone preparing for the CPP exam. It is clear, concise and gets straight to the point of the material needed to be mastered for the exam!

  73. This is the best study material available for the CPP Test. I used the Payroll Source, ADP Workbooks, KAC Testing, and other study guides.
    The study guide, flashcards, and testing that Laurie provides is hands down is in the most clear and understandable format I found. The flashcards and testing are amazing. I sincerely believe that Laurie’s site is what made the difference for me. I did not score lower than 90% in any area.
    I also sincerely appreciate the affordable price that this comes with. This is the most affordable, and best material I found.
    Thank you for what you do Laurie. All of us payroll colleagues are grateful!

  74. I am so happy to say that I took the CPP test for the first time a few weeks ago and passed! The Practical CPP Study Guide was definitely my go-to for studying for the test. I really liked how Laurie breaks down complex terms and topics and gives you what you really need to know for the test. I purchased multiple study tools and I have to say “hands-down” this is the best resource tool for studying for the CPP test. Thank you, Laurie.

  75. This study guide was exactly what I needed to pass the CPP exam. It was easy to read and understand as well as very affordable. You could certainly charge more for such a great study tool.

  76. I strongly recommend Laurie’s Study Guide and Flash Cards to anyone who prepares for CPP. The Study Guide is a good place to start with and the Flash cards reinforce the learning. Thanks to Laurie, I cleared CPP with 90% score in almost all sections in my first attempt. I also took sample tests from other free online sources, but, Laurie’s Study Guide laid the strong foundation. Thanks a lot Laurie!

  77. I passed the test just recently having failed it in the spring of 2013. I want to thank Laurie for creating this study tool. I did not have the Study Guide prior to taking my first test but purchased it to help prepare for my next attempt to take the test. I highly recommend purchasing the Study Guide as an addition resource to studying. I felt it reinforced and broke down some of the complicated chapters of the Payroll Source.

  78. Semitra Hatacher, CPP

    I purchased the Study Guide and flash cards for the Spring 2013 exam. It was definitely very helpful. Although I purchased the Payroll Source book, I did not need it to study. I would recommend the study guide for anyone preparing for the FPC or CPP, it gives you exactly the required information. I passed the test. Knowledge is power!!!!

  79. I took and passed my CPP on the first try last month. I give lots of credit to Laurie’s study guide. It was written in a way that I would have written it myself, making it very easy to understand and learn from. Thanks Laurie for sharing your tools on this topic.

  80. I purchased the study guide for Fall 2012 and I am happy to say I can now add CPP after my name! The study guide was my primary source of study materials for the exam.

  81. The study guide was invaluable! This is by far the best all in one study guide for the CPP exam. Well worth the money.

  82. I purchased the Study Guide and flash cards in March. I passed the CPP exam on April 27th, 2013. The study guide was my most-used reference as I was preparing for the exam. It is put together in an organized, easy to read format, outlining those key points that are essential to passing the exam. Worth every penny!!!

  83. I purchased the study guide for the Spring 2012 exam, and it was very helpful! Tried using other reference guides, but the handy format of this downloadable (and electronically searchable) document was a life saver for studying. I passed my exam! Thanks Laurie!

  84. I like the breakdown by section covered in the exam. I would recommend the study guide to any studying for the CPP exam. I passed my exam.

  85. Mike Valbuena CPP

    I took and passed the CPP exam on the 1st try while using the study guide only. I was limited on funding for resources and this was exactly what I needed. First, I ready the book a few times, then the flashcards over and over. I consistently increased my scores on the practice tests. I studied for 2 months leading up to my test. Thank you for providing an inexpensive alternative tnat is simplified.

    Mike V.

  86. Hi, I would recommend this Study Guide and the flash card system. I took the CPP in Spring 2013 and passed on my first attempt. I used the Payroll Source but was overwhelmed with the volume and data. I purchased the Study Guide in February 2013 and read, and used the flash card system and Quizzes. Every time I attempted the quizzes I went back to to the study guide to understand the concept. This was very helpful. I also had a great experience with follow up on questions from Laurie. She was very responsive with questions.

  87. I used the study guide and the flash cards and passed the 2013 Spring exam on my first attempt. I felt the The Payroll Source was too overwhelming and liked the fact the The Practical CPP Study Guide summarized the information in a condensed version. Highly recommend the study guide to anyone who is taking the CPP exam.

  88. I used both the Study Guide and the flash cards with practice quizzes for studying for the CPP exam, both were very helpful! I passed my exam in the Spring of 2013!

  89. I purchased the Study Guide just 22 days before my exam. I do not recommend cutting it that close, but can say that without this guide, I would not have passed the CPP exam. The guide was very thorough. I found the Flashcards to be the most helpful. Working the cards into the three piles is a great study tool. It allowed me to focus on the areas I needed the most work. I was surprised and incredibly pleased to receive a quick and complete answer to my email question from Laurie. A great product backed by personal attention. Thanks Laurie.

  90. I bought this book on 8/27/2012, took CPP exam on 10/11/2012, passed quite easy. The content of this book is wide enough to cover all the hard topics on the CPP exam. This study guide is highly recommended.

    This book is thinner than the Payroll Source, but it is enough for your CPP exam.

  91. This guide is an absolute must to have for anyone who wants to pass the CPP exam. To me Payroll Source is too cumbersome and has a lot of unwanted information for the test. Company paid for the Pay Train so I started studying that but even Pay Train covers a lot of details that are not in the test and the whole ‘studying experience’ can easily get too overwhelming. I found Laurie’s study guide 3 weeks prior to the test date and it made the world of difference. Each topic is relevant, to the point and presents the appropriate facts. The examples are easy to follow and the calculations are very similar to the ones that showed up in the test. I passed the exam on my first try and got a score of 361. In short, It is the most effective way of studying for the CPP exam period!

  92. Lisa Storer, FPC, CPP

    Prior to taking the FPC last spring, I posted a comment on Laurie’s website about the study guide. With Laurie’s study materials; I passed the FPC last spring (2011) and then the CPP this spring (2012). These two exams direct the majority of their questions on a different area of payroll. The FPC has a lot more calculations and the CPP is focused on managing procedures. Laurie has done a great job outlining both areas and she continues to improve the tools every year. Thanks.

  93. I just wanted to echo everyone’s comments on this website. I purchased the study guide and study tools in February and pretty much used them exclusively to prepare. I also took the practice quizzes in The Payroll Source for extra practice. I am happy to report that I passed the CPP yesterday on the first try! This study guide made everything so much less overwhelming. I can’t thank you enough Laurie for putting this together!

  94. I wanted to send you a quick note and say thank you for your wonderful study guide and online resources. Using them enabled me to pass the CPP exam yesterday! You have an excellent product!

  95. I purchased this Study Guide along with the Study Tools one month before my scheduled exam date. Up to that point I was using the Payroll Source, the studying became overwhelming. This study guide really put my mind at ease. It took out all the fluff and focused on the core of the exam. I am proud to say that I passed the CPP exam the first time! This Guide and Study Tools really helped me prepare for this CPP exam. If you are looking for a good effective resource to study for the CPP exam, this Study Guide and Study Tools is worth every dime!

  96. Judy Brooke-Gomez, CPP

    I started a study group at my company and we purchased Laurie’s Study Guide to assist them in preparing for the CPP exam in the fall of 2012-the response has been terrific; they thought that the material flowed well, easy to read and understand. Laurie worked with me to provide a bulk discount and I sincerely apprecited that. I anticipate that the majority of the 21 in the group will pass.

    Thanks Laurie!

  97. I Highly recommend Laurie’s CCP Study, its clear, precise, practical and
    extremely helpful.

    Thank you so much for providing this wonderful and knowledgeable guide to us.

    I am confident, I will pass !

  98. This guide was VERY instrumental in me passing the CPP exam on the first try in October 2010. It is not enough for me to recommend this guide. I would say this is a MUST HAVE if you are serious about passing your CPP exam. The CPP Practical Study guide gets right to the “meat” of what you need to pass, leaving out all the extra “fluff”. As a matter of fact, this is the only tool I used to study besides taking a 1-day study course at a local college. It was not appealing to me to read the Payroll Source or PayTrain as a study source. These methods are very expensive and besides, you have no clue as to what to focus on. Too much information. Using those tools as your primary study for taking the CPP is like reading the Encyclopedia!!! I am so thankful I ran across The CPP Study Guide. I honestly do not believe it would have been as easy passing the CPP exam had I not. Thank you!

  99. Balasubramanyam Vogoti

    I would recommend Laurie’s study guide to anyone interested in reading a quick, crisp preparation/revision of the most pertinent Payroll topics from an examination perspective. I took the exam in 2010 exam and passed with 80% in each of the sections. I was quite shaky about studying multiple voluminous books and websites due to paucity of time. I was recommeneded Laurie’s guide by a friend of mine and was I glad! I used her book exclusively along another dated course material. I had not done a single practice test. All I did was to go through Laurie’s material in addition to another course material. Thank you so much Laurie for your study guide, I gained the essential US Payroll concepts necessary to pass the CPP exam and also to be successful in my profession.

  100. I would recommend Laurie’s sutdy guide to everyone. I took the Fall 2010 exam and passed with flying colors! I was so nervous and the thought of going through the whole APA Payroll Source book was overwhelming to me. I came across Laurie’s study guide while searching the web for any information to help study for my CPP. I’m so glad I did. I used her book exclusively along, with practice tests from the Source. Thank you so much Laurie for your study guide, I passed the CPP exam because your guide broke down the overwhelming details in the Source to manageable chapters!

  101. It might seem like this comment is a repeat of previous comments. After looking over Laurie’s CPP Study Guide and Flash Cards that I purchased about a month ago, it is clear that these are great study tools to add to anyone’s payroll toolkit. Laurie has successfully outlined the focus points in order for students to keep organized while studying. I find myself constantly using the study tools provided on Laurie’s website to help me build confidence in passing the payroll exam. Thanks Laurie for providing an inexpensive study tool that is truly worth purchasing.

  102. I am preparing for the Spring 2011 exam, and Laurie’s study guide was by far the most inexpensive I could find. The low price does not come at the expense of quality fortunately. The material is concise and comprehensive, though I would say it is most appropriate for those that are actively practicing payroll. I highly recommend you give it a try.

  103. Like Louis, I am proud and excited to report that I also passed the CPP exam on September 13th, 2010; and it’s due in large part to Laurie’s study guide. I am so thankful to her to providing this information in a form that was easy to read and memorize.

  104. I am excited to report that today September 13, 2010 I have passed the CPP exam in large part to Laurie. The information provided in the Study Guide as well as the Flash Cards is a huge reason I passed today. Laurie was helpful and very responsive to all of my questions. Thank you so much for providing these tools!!!

  105. I purchased this study guide and refer to it more than any other source. I recommend this guide not only for those preparing for the CPP exam but any payroll professional. This guide is my payroll “bible” and I honestly cannot tell people how helpful this guide has been. I purchased a study guide for over $250 and the Practical Study Guide was 100% better. Thank you so much, Laurie! I plan to take the exam this fall and I am confident I will pass!!

  106. I would recommend the study guide to anyone who is having trouble getting through the reading in the Payroll Source. It breaks down complex topics in a simple manner that helped me on the chapters most people struggle with (Chapter 3, 4 especially). Thanks Laurie, I passed!!!

  107. I purchased the Study Guide for the Spring 2010 exam. It was very helpful. It broke down the areas covered in the Payroll Source Book. I would recommend the study guide to anyone stuying for the CPP. I passed my exam!

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