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When I decided to recertify by taking the Certified Payroll Professional exam in 2007 I was disappointed by the lack of study aids available to me. Rather than shell out a fortune for one or more monster books I decided to review the same material that I’d studied when I took the exam the first time in 1992. After easily passing the test again, I decided I wanted to give prospective CPP’s an affordable comprehensive study guide. The Practical CPP Study Guide focuses on the same information I focused on when I self-studied and passed the exam. My approach is to give you the information necessary to successfully pass the exam without overloading you with unnecessary details. All the material I covered is included in this guide. I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you, weeded through the myriad of IRS publications and other source materials to bring you the information you need to know in plain English.

Comprehensive, yet affordable

Covers all areas of the CPP exam: core payroll concepts, compliance, paycheck calculations, payroll process and systems, payroll accounting, management and administration.

Complicated concepts made easier to understand.

Step-by-step examples of calculations.

50 practice questions.

Approximately 350 pages of content.

Why buy this book.

Because you are qualified to take the CPP exam, are familiar with basic and advanced payroll concepts and want to know what topics you should focus on in order to pass the CPP exam.

To benefit from the guidance of someone who has already passed the exam not just once, but twice: once to originally certify and again 15 years later to recertify. Passing on my first attempt each year I took it.

So you won’t worry that you’ll get to the exam and be blindsided by questions on topics you didn’t study or waste time studying the wrong things.

You’ve been searching for study materials for your upcoming CPP exam and are shocked by the high prices and limited choices available in CPP study guides.

You’d like to improve your chances of passing the exam on your first try.

Study your way.

Study at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Don’t be tied down by a class schedule or a class syllabus. Spend as much time as you need on topics unfamiliar to you and don’t waste your valuable time on subject matter you already know well.


Looking for an FPC study guide? The Practical CPP Study Guide can prepare you for the FPC exam as well. In the table of contents and throughout the book, I’ve marked the topics that apply to the FPC exam content. Simply read through the book and skip the topics that won’t be on the FPC exam.

It’s an eBook.

This is an electronic book, not a physical book. It comes in pdf format.

After your purchase is complete you will be directed to a link to download your copy of my ebook.

Put your copy on your iPad or Kindle so you can study when you’re away from your computer. No heavy books to carry. Visit my Support page for instructions on how to load the ebook to iPad or Kindle.

Take a peak inside…

With these sample page views from a previous edition. The watermarks on these screen shots do not appear in the ebook, they are here simply to protect my copyrighted material.

certified payroll professional study guide sample page 1

certified payroll professional study guide sample page 2

certified payroll professional study guide sample page 2


I’m so confident you’ll benefit from my book that I’m offering a 14-day 100% money back guarantee. If you purchase the ebook and within the first 14 days you don’t agree that it’ll help you pass the exam, just let me know and I’ll issue you a full refund. See the Refund Policy page for more information.

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