Volume Discount

CPP Study Group Discount
Teachers save.

If you’re teaching a CPP Study Group, buy The Practical CPP Study Guide and/or Practical CPP Study Tools for your students and save 10%.

Simply add the product(s) to your cart and update the quantity to 10 or more to automatically receive the discount.

Study buddy savings.

Anyone can get the 10% discount by ordering 10 or more ebooks in a single order. If you can’t find a study group in your area, organize your own group with your co-workers.


After you complete your purchase you’ll receive an email with an ebook download link. Share the link with your study group participants so they can each download a copy of the ebook.

The link will expire once the downloads equal the number of copies you’ve purchased. If anyone encounters a problem while downloading the ebook, the original purchaser should contact me for assistance. Individuals should not attempt to download the book more than once or the link will expire before everyone has downloaded their copy.

Return policy.

Purchases made with volume discount pricing are nonrefundable.